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Energy-efficient vinyl windows!

Our Windows

Folk Windows vinyl energy-saving windows that exceed ENERGY STAR complience are made from lead-free windows. This material has increased resistance to shock and discoloration. Our windows practically do not require maintenance, and a chamber design brings thermal insulation and sound insulation to an almost absolute level. All these qualities make have maximum thermal efficiency, wear resistance and practicality in using and caring for them.

Huge selection of colors!

We offer to buy inexpensive and high quality vinyl windows in Canada with a full package of services for installing a new vinyl window or replacing an old window in your home. You can also call the wizard for advice on house window repair. By contacting us, you will receive a replacement window with the best rating.
And one more additional advantage for lovers of bright colors and non-standard solutions: the ability to order plastic windows in Canada of any shade and color! Your task is to choose the color you like from our palette, and the professionals from “Fiberglass” will take care of the rest. We use the laminating method to give the glass unit the desired color.

A high number of internal air chambers

  • We build our vinyl windows with a high number of internal air chambers for superior insulation, thermal efficiency, sturdiness and sound abatement.
  • Maintenance-free PVC jamb extensions, corner blocks and frame moldings provide added flexibility for interior finishing.
  • Fusion-welded corners enhance the appearance of the window while eliminating the need for sealants and adhesives. The flawless surface is entirely airtight and watertight. We also weld internal walls to boost the structural integrity of our vinyl windows.
  • Our sealed glass units have an overall thickness of 13/16”. Most of our window styles allow you to choose between different glazing types and thicknesses. These include single, double, triple and Low-E glazing, as well as a decorative glazing that ranges from 3/4” to 1-3/8”.

Find out more about our window colours offerings!

Find out more about our window colours offerings.

New windows from Folk Windows will give your home a modern and attractive look. You can order standard color windows, but you can choose another individual color that will perfectly match the look of your home.

Design Types


*Available in white, pewter or brass


Our vinyl windows can make a dramatic style statement as a stand-alone piece or when combined with another of our window types, including fixed casement, double hung or side slider.

For added design versatility, we offer customizable frame shapes.


Trim Options

Our vinyl windows come with a variety of interior vinyl trim options for refined and versatile styling. We combine advanced technology with the finest materials for durable, flawless finishes that will retain their colour year after year. Standard finishing options include wood stain and contemporary and classic rosettes, but we can also accommodate custom colours.


We craft our brickmolds from a durable uPVC powder compound that is designed to stand up to the harshest elements. This maintenance-free material is available in a variety of sizes and colours, for long-lasting curb appeal.

Jamb Sizes

At Folk Windows we offer four standard vinyl jamb sizes to facilitate a seamless window installation process. For added flexibility we can also provide wood jamb extensions, frame moldings and corner blocks. These interior finishing options are made from a durable lead-free PVC powder compound that requires no maintenance.



Energy efficiency

Low-E Argon Glass

Our Low-E glass is specially engineered to minimize solar heat gain, lower home energy costs, transmit more natural light and provide year-round comfort.

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Triple Glass

Available with a Low-E glass coating for optimal performance, our triple-pane windows provide market-leading energy efficiency with high levels of visible light transmittance.

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The standard in glass performance. Our most popular glazing option dramatically reduces heat loss and infiltration of harmful UV rays. It uses a high-performance warm edge spacer, one pane of Low-E coated glass and one cavity filled with argon gas.

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Privacy Glass

High Solar Gain (HSG) Glass

Comes standard with all three options to allow the sun’s warmth in your home year round.

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Low Solar Gain (LSG) Glass

Best for keeping the cold out and is optimal for north facing windows.

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Full Service Installation

Step-by-step window replacement process by our installers

Pre-Installation STEP 1: Arrival STEP 2: Protection STEP 3: Removal STEP 4: Installation STEP 5: Weather Proofing STEP 6: Finishing Touches STEP 7: Cleanup
Первый слайд
Pre-Installation Custom Measurements

The process begins with our factory-trained professionals taking notes and measurements to assure your home receives the care necessary to make you happy.
Второй слайд
Step One: Arrival of the Folk Windows Team

Once our installation crew has proper measurements, our crew from by Folk Windows comes to your home ready for the job ahead. Inside, we have everything tool and piece of knowledge to create eye-catching designs to make your home feel new again.
Третий слайд
Step Two: Protecting Your Home

We understand the worries associated with window installation for in Great Toronto Area homeowners. Snow, rain, mud, and construction debris can make a big mess without the proper precautions. To counteract this stress, our team carefully removes furniture and valuables away from your windows and doors to avoid damage. Our team dons protective footwear to ensure cleanliness.
Третий слайд
Step Three: Removal of Existing Windows

Once our team properly sets up in your home, we remove your obsolete windows. Our crew puts their knowledge to use to avoid dust and debris buildup in your rooms.
Третий слайд
Step Four: Installation of New Windows

Thanks to our pre-installation measurements, your old windows pose no threat. If the open area has warped (a common occurrence), we realign and readjust the levels to allow the new replacement windows to fit properly. We then test every aspect of your replacement windows to ensure they open and close easily and that the sashes of the window operate properly.
Третий слайд
Step Five: Weatherproofing

Although a small gap between your new windows and the house frame exists, our installers fill this with special insulation foam to eliminate any drafts. Once in place, your windows will be airtight, weatherproof, and energy efficient.
Третий слайд
Step Six: Finishing Touches

The foam used to insulate your windows is not exactly visually appealing. However, we rectify this by covering the foam with a trim to accentuate your interior to remove the unsightly foam.
Третий слайд
Step Seven: Final Cleanup

When delivered, each of your new windows comes protected by a protective film. Step seven involves the removal of this film, the cleaning of our work area, the shining of any glass areas, and putting your furniture back in its proper place. After this, all that is left is to enjoy your new windows and to take a deep breath knowing you cut your energy consumption.

High quality windows!


What we offer:

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The most superior energy efficient windows in Canada

Affordable high quality products

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The best selection of quality windows designs and frames


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Why should you choose Folk Windows?

So many reasons to choose from

In-House Installation

We use only highly trained, in-house installers to ensure quality control over the entire installation process. Windows and doors are installed level, square and plumb to ensure the seals are not compromised.

Construction Debris

As part of our full-service approach, we make sure to leave the residence clean and to remove all construction garbage upon completion of the installation. All crews carry extra drop cloths to cover all walkways, protect your floors and maintain a clean work area.

Guidelines and Building Codes

We adhere to the guidelines and provincial building codes for replacement windows. Pre-cut shims are used to level a window. They minimize deflection, distortion and rotation of the frame and permit proper operation of the window.

Post Installation Review

At the end of the installation your installer will go over window operation, make sure you are satisfied with the work, and collect the remaining balance. Installation is complete when: Windows are installed level, square and plumb Windows are sealed properly Window components are in good working condition All finishes are neat and detailed Job site is clean


To safeguard our customers and employees from potential dangers, all workers are covered by WCB and every installation project carries liability insurance. Polyurethane foam functions as both an air and thermal barrier. This prevents drafts and keeps the home warm.

More Safety

Sealant is added on the outside unit to act as part of the air and vapour barrier. It keeps moisture out of the home, prevents drafts and air leakage to the outside.

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