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Benefits of Triple Pane Glass for Window Replacement

Are You Ready to Do Away with Drafts and Uncomfortable Temperatures Inside?

Ready to reduce cold spots in your home, and do away with drafts and discomfort? With triple pane windows, you can finally enjoy consistent temperatures throughout your home, giving you a high level of comfort year-round. The real value of triple pane windows is the low temperature difference between the wall and the interior surface temperature of the window glass.


This figure captures the overall energy-efficiency score of a window. It encompasses U-factor, air leakage and SHGC, giving consumers a more convenient way to compare products. The standards for energy ratings vary according to climate zone. To earn the ENERGY STAR label in Canada, a window must have a minimum energy rating of 25 in zone 1, 29 in zone 2 and 34 in zone 3.

The Benefits of Triple Pane Glass Windows

A significant step up from double pane replacement windows, triple pane design offers three panes of glass with two spacers, and they weigh a bit heavier than double pane windows—without impacting their ease of use. Triple pane windows block up to 95% of all UV rays, offer R-values of over 5, and decrease outside noise infiltration significantly, compared to double-pane windows.

Deciding if you want to have triple pane windows installed? Here are some benefits homeowners love about triple pane windows:

1. Enjoy energy efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of investing in triple pane windows is year-round energy savings. Triple pane windows have two spacers that divide the three panes of glass, and the spaces between the glass are filled with gas to increase energy efficiency significantly. Energy-efficient windows mean your heating and air conditioning systems don’t have to work as hard, and that adds up to consistent savings on utilities!

2. Experience durable windows

Triple pane windows with fiberglass or vinyl frames create the perfect long-lasting option for you to enjoy. They last for years to come—often up to 20 years, offering you the perfect way to enjoy enduring value. Triple pane windows are both strong and durable.

3. Increase your home’s beauty

Boost your home’s attractiveness with stylish new triple pane window replacements. Increase your curb appeal while creating more indoor comfort from your new windows. And with natural light pouring through triple pane windows, you’re sure to enjoy the impact they have on your home’s look both indoors and outdoors.

4. Invest in increased home value

Although they cost more than double pane windows, triple pane windows offer a great ROI, an affordable way to increase your home value, improve overall comfort indoors, and save on utilities.

5. Choose fiberglass or vinyl frames

Fiberglass, the strongest frame option, works well with triple pane window replacements. Vinyl can also accommodate triple pane windows. Both of these options support the weight of triple pane windows without risking window warping or bending in the future.

6. Improve noise reduction

The three layers of glass create the ultimate noise reduction inside your home. Street noise, heavy equipment, and aircraft noises greatly reduce when your home is well sealed with triple pane windows. Enjoy your indoor comfort minus the outdoor distractions.

7. Relish comfortable indoor temperatures year-round

Think of how wonderful it will be to have consistent temperatures in your home year-round, and no cold pockets of air near the windows due to leakage. The two gas filled spaces in triple pane windows help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

8. Increase resale value

Boost your home’s value with the added beauty and energy savings triple pane windows provide.

9. Decrease condensation

When warm air meets a cool surface, moisture forms. If the humidity is too high in your home during the winter, condensation can form on the inside of the window glass. When condensation occurs on indoor windows, it can contribute to moisture damage on wooden window sills and frames, and it can even spread to the walls. The good news is, triple pane windows reduce condensation and prevent moisture damage to your home.

10. Bolster home security

Faulty windows can create a vulnerable point to your home. Don’t risk the possibility of theft. Add a layer of protection to your home to ensure security for you and your loved ones both day and night. Triple pane windows offer greater safety to your home with three layers of high-performing glass coupled with durable fiberglass or vinyl frames for your added protection.

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