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Bow window

Bow windows from Folk Windows is a great way to add charm and function to your home. If you are asking the question “what is a bow window?”, we have some information to share.

The basic bow window configuration includes a series of at least four windows of the same size. Rather than forming sharp lines, the windows angled by 10° or 15°, creating a curve that flows gracefully from one side to the other. The softer lines do a lot to add style and elegance to the room while doing the same for the exterior.

Many homeowners and architects use bow windows as a way to increase visual appeal and to serve the practical tasks of increasing natural light into the space and providing a little more footage. The bow windows design provides a soft and rounded look. That helps to offset some of the severe lines found in many rooms.

Interior designers are also enthusiasts of bow style windows. That’s because they help create focal points in rooms while allowing for a more panoramic view of the outside. By using single or double hung sashes that open, you can also control how much of a breeze you allow into the space.

The bow windows are made using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. 

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