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Casement Window

When shopping for either new-construction or replacement windows for your home, you will encounter several popular window styles: slider, double-hung, single-hung, and fixed. Casement windows often lurk in the background of product catalogs and may escape your attention. But this unique type of window is worth serious consideration and might be a good match for all or part of your home’s window replacement project.

A casement window is the only type of window available on the regular consumer market that fully opens. In essence, you are lifting the sash away, almost off the house, attached only by one thin side. The only other way to have a more fully open window would be to take out the sash entirely.

If you want to promote air-flow in your house, a casement window can be to your advantage. The open sash on a casement window acts as a flap to funnel breezes into your house. If your home is tightly boxed in by neighbors, the angle of the casement windows may allow you to catch breezes. The sash effectively scoops in air and sends it into your house.

Do you like the clear, unobstructed views offered by fixed, or picture, windows? Yet you also would like to be able to open the window? A casement window is an ideal hybrid between fixed windows and sliding sash windows.

No type of window will entirely stop intruders from breaking into your house. All windows have their weak points and even with the most secure window, the intruder can always break the glass to enter the home.

Our Casement windows easy to clean and operate, our vinyl casement windows open outward to 90° with a crank handle. The improved air flow is complemented by triple-sealing for outstanding energy efficiency and protection from the elements. These windows also offer improved security thanks to premium locking systems.

We guarantee the provision of products of the highest quality. Send us your messages, ask questions, our specialists will immediately contact you to clarify the details of your requirements.


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