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End Vent
Slider Window

Our end vent slider windows combine wide, expansive views with a simple horizontal sliding function. This makes it a great alternative to double slider windows, which are better suited to smaller openings. Our end vent sliders are also popular with builders who want the look of a casement window at a more cost-effective price for their new construction projects.

These energy-efficient vinyl windows feature a fixed middle pane with a sliding and inward-tiling pane on either side. This offers a convenient way to clean and to let in a pleasant dose of fresh air.

End Vent Sliders are used when the opening is wider than 72″ inches, but a sliding option is needed. The window is a picture window in the middle which doesn’t open, with two opening windows at either side. This gives a large unobstructed view in the middle, with an option for ventilation at either side.

The End Vent Slider window gives the look of a Casement window, but it is larger and offers a more economical price. Two operating sashes are found at either end of the window which can be tilted to the comfort and preference of the user.

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