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Fixed Casement Window

Casement windows are used in many different styles of homes. Casement windows, unlike other types of windows that are installed in a home, open sideways. They are usually used in the design of bay windows and other multi-window displays. These types of windows are also found above sinks in the kitchen, because it’s often difficult to push these windows upwards. Having a casement window in its place gives you the ability to turn the crank and get some air in the kitchen. A fixed casement window has the same type of functionality as a regular casement window.

A fixed casement window cannot be opened like a regular casement. It is a window that is used to allow sunlight into the room. There is usually a crank on the window display, but the crank will not operate to open the window. These windows are intended to provide a great view of the outside.

The frame used for this window is the same type of frame used for regular casement windows. However, you still cannot operate the window because the crank is not attached to anything. The window is therefore ornamental.

Fixed casement windows are often used alongside multiple windows in a row. You will find them as part of a bay window design.

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