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Do you know how to choose the right window palette for your interior?

How to choose the right colors?

In order to make the right choice on your own, you must either be a professional designer and know the patterns of combination of colors in the interior styles, or have a natural aesthetic taste. Without special knowledge, it can be difficult to make the final choice in favor of a particular palette.
It is in solving this issue that designers will come to your aid. They will offer you not too many options for combining a window with a palette of the interior of your home, and the final choice will, of course, be yours.

In this form, you can send us a message indicating one or more of your chosen colors and the basic tone of your interior.
Our designers will contact you immediately to discuss the details of your requirements and help you with the choice of window color.

You can also call a house-builder to discuss the details of planning your interior together on the spot.

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