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When choosing new windows for your home, you’ll be faced with a wide variety of options. Price, personal aesthetics, the surrounding architecture, and the weather conditions in your geographic area are all factors to consider when buying new windows for your home. However, picture windows are often an attractive choice for many types of homes.

A picture window is a large fixed window that is either without glazing bars or features glazed bars only near the edge of the window. A picture window gets its name because it is designed to provide a clear view of your surroundings, acting as a picture frame for the scenery outside.

Since it features a wide expanse of glass, a picture window is great for bringing natural light to your home. Adding a picture window to a room is also a wonderful way to highlight an attractive outdoor view. You may even choose to replace a combination window (two windows side-by-side) with a single picture window for a more modern and contemporary look in your home.

Aside from the very large windows that reach from floor to ceiling and feature slats for ventilation, many picture windows are inoperable. However, this makes them highly energy efficient. An inoperable picture window is also a smart choice for people with allergies who must take steps to limit the amount of airborne contaminants within their home.

When looking for picture windows, it’s best to choose our models with Low-E glass for energy efficiency. High solar gain glazing is a practical choice for cold climates, while low solar gain glazing is said to perform better in warmer climates. Regardless of where you live, rigid vinyl cladding tends to be the most durable choice. Installing picture windows can be somewhat expensive, so you’ll want to make the most of your investment.

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