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Window Calculator

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Use our calculator which produced just for you and get a price of your windows. Please remember, you will receive the final price when our Project Technicians will make accurate measurements.

Window Calculator


Select Style of window

(or skip for select window shapes)


Select Style of window Shapes

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Select Exterior (outside) Colours

Will the window be color?

Select Glass (Double/Triple)

Will the windows Glass be Double/Triple?

Select Frosted (Yes/No)

Will Glass be Frosted?

Select Type replacemen (Retro fit replacement/Full frame replacement)

What Type of Replacemen?

Select Grills (Yes/No)

Will be Grills?

Insert size (height - width)

Window opening area

Insert Frame height

Insert Frame width

Insert Full height

Insert Left Frame width

Insert Center Frame width

Insert Right Frame width

Your Select:

Just choose your window type, installation options and size!

Insert your price, window type and size into the form below and send us your request! We will contact you and discuss all the details in detail!

We guarantee the provision of products of the highest quality. Send us your messages, ask questions, our specialists will immediately contact you to clarify the details of your requirements.

2 thoughts on “Pricing”

  1. I am about to put my house on the market and need to replace a double window and 3 singles. They are all single hung double pane vinyl. Unfortunately my house was built during the 2002 boom and the windows are pretty substandard. While I don’t want to spend a great deal of money I would like to get a decent product but am a loss as to which line to choose. Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance!
    1. Hello, ANTHONY BENJAMIN, you can use our calculator to find any appropriate choices for you. We are constantly working with costumers who sell their houses and we find that they tend to be most concerned about getting a good price and easy to operate.
      We would like to offer you to your attention the casement window. It is better energy rate, it has rubber seal insted of brush like slider , easy to clean from inside outside glass and its increase value of the house.
      Will be more than happy to answer your questions.
      casement window
      Kind regards,
      Team Folk Windows Limited
      folk windows

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