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Single Hung Window

Single hung windows are one of the most popular designs on the market. With a long history in North America, this simple design includes a fixed top sash paired with a bottom sash that can be raised and lowered. 

Single hung windows are suitable for areas with limited space such as bathrooms, hallways, and closets. The benefit of single hung windows is that they do not take any extra space when you open them like other types of windows.

This window design will provide all the performance you already know well. The nice thing is that this particular design will provide a few more benefits. Specifically, the sash will tilt inwards whenever you like. That makes it easier to clean both sides of the glass and still enjoy all the features you like. We also include a removable half-screen with the installation.

We ensure that single hung windows in Canada are waterproof, sealed properly, and secured with a safe-locking system. It allows to avoid air and water leakages into your home. Our windows are designed for longevity and will not fade, crack or rust.

We guarantee the provision of products of the highest quality. Send us your messages, ask questions, our specialists will immediately contact you to clarify the details of your requirements.


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