Tilt & turn

Tilt-and-turn windows feature sophisticated technology for truly outstanding functionality and style. hese tilt-and-turn windows are designed to meet the latest and most stringent energy efficiency standards. They offer hassle-free operation for years to come.


  • Intelligent design for maximum brightness and unimpeded views: straight sash profile, slightly beveled frame profile
  • Windows with a unified and consistent look make them easy to pair with existing windows
  • Without visible hinges that come in various sizes (up to 4.1″ or 105 mm)
  • Invisible spacer for impeccable esthetics
  • Frame and sash geometry compatible with visible and invisible hinges
  • The ideal solution for creating large windows that open

Turn the handle upwards, and the upper part of the sash tilts slightly to allow safe and easy ventilation. The opening cannot exceed 4″ (130 mm) and  the window remains open for as long as you like, without the wind ever causing it to slam shut.

Want to ventilate your room thoroughly or open your window as wide as possible to circulate freely indoors and out? Simply turn the handle to the horizontal  position, and the sash hinges on the side to offer a larger opening.

Turn the handle down, and the tilt-and-turn window will be hermetically sealed. No air leakage, no way for burglars to get in.

We guarantee the provision of products of the highest quality. Send us your messages, ask questions, our specialists will immediately contact you to clarify the details of your requirements.


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