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All Inclusive Transferable Lifetime Warranty

Vinyl Parts Warranty

That under normal use, the vinyl components of the Warranted Product(s) will not blister, peel, rot or corrode.

Mechanical Parts Warranty

All mechanical parts (locks, vent locks, balance) are warranted to be free from manufactured defects in materal and
workmanship. Replacement parts will be supplied at no charge

Insulated Glass Unit Warranty

The sealed insulated glass unit is warranted against defects resulting in material obstruction of vision from film formation caused
by dust or moisture in the dead air space of the unit for the life of the Warranted Product(s). If the glass unit fails, the Company
will provide the Owner with a replacement insulated glass unit or sash at no charge.

Glass Breakage Warranty

The Company will provide the Owner with a replacement insulated glass unit or sash in the event of accidental glass breakage.

Labor Warranty

All labor necessary to correct any item covered by this warranty will be provided at no charge by the Company.

What’s not covered?

This warranty may be transferred to the Owner’s immediate transferee provided the Company is notified to transfer within thirty (30) days of the property’s transfer date. The written correspondence must be mailed to the address below and must include a transfer fee of $50, the original Owner’s name and address of product installation, transferee’s name, address, telephone number and the Window World location responsible for the installation. Labor warranty does not transfer.

1.Warranty covers non-impact products installed in owner-occupied single-family residences.

2. Warranty doesn’t cover damage from Acts of God (hurricanes, tornadoes, flood, etc.), Acts of War, riots, vandalism, fire, and stress resulting from localized heat.

3. Modifications is not covered by this warranty.

4. Color variance may occur between replacement parts and weathered original material.

5. Labor warranty does not transfer to Owner’s immediate transferee.

6. This warranty is exclusively for the window(s) and patio door(s) installed by the Company. Any additional products, such as entry doors and storm doors, installed by the Company in conjunction with the window and/or patio door contract will carry the warranty provided by their manufacturer(s).

7. Glass Breakage Warranty excludes garden, special shape and tempered windows, as well as beveled-leaded, grooved and laminated glass.

8. Caulking – to seal window frame or trim package against water and/or air filtration, caulking may be necessary on some installations.

9. Caulking maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. It is not considered part of the product and is not covered under the warraty.

10. Condensation – on windows and patio doors, condensation may occur as the natural result of humidity within a home or changes in interior/exterior temperature. It does not indicate a product defect. The warranty covers neither condensation, not frost, nor freezing from condensation on the windows or patio.

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