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Window replacement is something that every homeowner will need to do at one point. Energy efficient windows can add value to your home, lower your energy costs, and keep your home comfortable through every type of weather. Read on to find out exactly why replacing your windows is prudent.

Why Do a Home Window Replacement Project?

Replacement windows can have a tremendous impact on your home, from improving the look to lowering your energy costs. New windows can raise the market value of your home in addition to making it look warm and accommodating to guests and passersby. At Weather Pro Windows and Doors, all of our windows are manufactured for added energy efficiency and can be custom designed to fit any room of your home.

One Thing You MUST Know Before Scheduling A Window Replacement Quote

Picture a scenario. Three companies come to your home to do a window replacement estimate. Two of the companies offer fairly similar quotes, but the third one, whether by means of discount, promotion or negotiation, provides you with a quote that’s several thousand dollars less. All three companies swear that their vinyl windows are of the highest quality and their window installers are the best in the city. Who are you most likely to go with?

Remember, you get what you pay for! This is a tired cliché, but it is especially true in home renovations. Yet we have to bring it up with bargaining customers over and over again when we get asked “why are your windows much more expensive than X, Y, and Z company’s?”

See, unfortunately, there are too many companies in our industry who benefit greatly from unsuspecting and unknowing customers. And while to you a window is a window, and even after it is installed you may not know the difference, there are numerous ways in which companies can leave you with a lesser product or workmanship.

How? Most often by withholding information, or passing it off for something it isn’t.

That package that costs several thousand dollars cheaper? Chances are, it is an insert/retrofit installation. Some companies simply don’t mention how your windows will be installed, hoping you haven’t done enough research to ask. Others may tell you that the installation will be of high quality, failing to mention what kind of installation it is in the first place. They do it to maximize their profit, without actually addressing the homeowner’s needs.

In simple terms: in a full frame installation all the window parts get replaced down to the construction frame. The construction frame is also checked for damages, mold, or moisture. Your custom windows get outfitted with new brickmoulds, jambs, and trim. These vinyl components inside the window do not deteriorate over time and are easy to maintain and replace. These components are often a substantial part of the price in the full-frame replacement, but they also ensure a more thorough and proper installation.

In a retrofit replacement, all the window parts are left intact, only the glass and frame is replaced. The original wood stays around the window, and there is no checking of the construction frame. This can often leave the structure susceptible to moisture and rotting. The outside finish of the windows is often done with aluminum capping or caulking.

Retrofit installations are ideal for homes where the frames haven’t begun to deteriorate and aren’t showing signs of moisture damage or rotting. Even then, aluminum capping is a quite dated and a less than ideal solution for the longevity of your new windows. Capping can still allow moisture in, and the wooden frame underneath it is not allowed to breathe properly, making it susceptible to mold.

There are Canadian window companies that specialize only in full frame installations, and ones that do both kinds. Although we prefer full frame replacement because it is more thorough and there are fewer problems with it down the road, there are still instances when we recommend insert installation to our prospective clients.

Unlike other companies, we want to make sure our clients know exactly the kind of installation they are paying for, and exactly what they are getting.

Step-by-step window replacement process by our installers

Pre-Installation STEP 1: Arrival STEP 2: Protection STEP 3: Removal STEP 4: Installation STEP 5: Weather Proofing STEP 6: Finishing Touches STEP 7: Cleanup
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Pre-Installation Custom Measurements

The process begins with our factory-trained professionals taking notes and measurements to assure your home receives the care necessary to make you happy.
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Step One: Arrival of the Folk Windows Team

Once our installation crew has proper measurements, our crew from by Folk Windows comes to your home ready for the job ahead. Inside, we have everything tool and piece of knowledge to create eye-catching designs to make your home feel new again.
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Step Two: Protecting Your Home

We understand the worries associated with window installation for in Great Toronto Area homeowners. Snow, rain, mud, and construction debris can make a big mess without the proper precautions. To counteract this stress, our team carefully removes furniture and valuables away from your windows and doors to avoid damage. Our team dons protective footwear to ensure cleanliness.
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Step Three: Removal of Existing Windows

Once our team properly sets up in your home, we remove your obsolete windows. Our crew puts their knowledge to use to avoid dust and debris buildup in your rooms.
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Step Four: Installation of New Windows

Thanks to our pre-installation measurements, your old windows pose no threat. If the open area has warped (a common occurrence), we realign and readjust the levels to allow the new replacement windows to fit properly. We then test every aspect of your replacement windows to ensure they open and close easily and that the sashes of the window operate properly.
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Step Five: Weatherproofing

Although a small gap between your new windows and the house frame exists, our installers fill this with special insulation foam to eliminate any drafts. Once in place, your windows will be airtight, weatherproof, and energy efficient.
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Step Six: Finishing Touches

The foam used to insulate your windows is not exactly visually appealing. However, we rectify this by covering the foam with a trim to accentuate your interior to remove the unsightly foam.
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Step Seven: Final Cleanup

When delivered, each of your new windows comes protected by a protective film. Step seven involves the removal of this film, the cleaning of our work area, the shining of any glass areas, and putting your furniture back in its proper place. After this, all that is left is to enjoy your new windows and to take a deep breath knowing you cut your energy consumption.
We guarantee the provision of products of the highest quality. Send us your messages, ask questions, our specialists will immediately contact you to clarify the details of your requirements.


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